Get involved!

The results of the general election showed that we, the people, can influence the course of events. The tide of public opinion is turning against Brexit. There is growing evidence that the threat of Brexit has already had many damaging effects on UK society and the economy. Now we must convince the two major political parties to act in the best interests of our country. The best deal for the UK is the one we currently have.

Together we can take back control!

Bath for Europe welcomes people from all parties and backgrounds to campaign for the UK to remain at the heart of the European Union. We are one of many similar local campaign organisations across the UK, affiliated to our national support organisation, Britain for Europe.

How can you support us?

  1. Help on our weekly Pop-Up Protest Stall – on Saturdays from 12:00 – 14:00 on Union Street in central Bath. Engage with the local community, sign up new supporters and offer our popular merchandise for donations. We have lots of opportunities. Please email us at with your availability.
  2. We need volunteers to join our Leafleting Team.  Please email us if you can help at We now have commuter leafleting events on Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 8.15 – 9 am. See our Facebook pages for this week’s location.
  3. Are you a good writer who follows the media debate on Brexit? You can write a letter to the Bath Chronicle or the national newspapers and add comments under relevant letters on-line. Please email us at so that we can add you to our list of letter writers.
  4. Come to our Pulse of Europe event in Bath on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm. Bring your family, friends, colleagues, flags and placards. Pulse of Europe is a pan-European movement linking hands, hearts and minds in cities across Europe. On Sunday 3rd December, we have a special event planned! Stay tuned for details.
  5. We post our regular meetings on our Facebook pages. Come along and find out more about how our grassroots volunteer organisation works and how you can contribute.
  6. Do you have other suggestions about how we can engage with the public, the media and politicians? Do you have specialist skills you can contribute as a volunteer? Drop us a line! We welcome new supporters!
Turn out and show your support! Photo © Richard J S Young.