Vote Tactically

Fight to prevent a hard Brexit!

A May landslide means: no EU deal and leaping off the white cliffs. 

Ben Howlett means: no opposition to hard Brexit.

Theresa May says this election is all about giving her a strong hand to negotiate Brexit, but EU member states will not change their negotiating position whatever the size of her majority.

What May really wants is control of the UK, so she can force through a hard Brexit and reshape the country as she chooses.

Why is a hard Brexit a bad thing?

Faced with higher export costs to the Continent, businesses will raise prices, lose customers, lay off workers and some will close or move abroad.

Lost business tax revenues will mean higher personal taxes and even less money for the NHS and other vital public services.

The kind of Brexit May wants will scrap EU protections for the environment and employment.

Many public services and businesses will collapse if they cant recruit foreign workers, both skilled and unskilled. Ending free movement will not reduce the flow of foreign workers because there are simply not enough British workers willing and able.

May means mayhem. Ben Howlett means hard Brexit.

Vote to stop a reckless hard Brexit!

    • Given a large majority, May will force through a hard Brexit that benefits a wealthy elite but no one else.
    • She needs to be checked and held to account by more realistic MPs.
    • Since the referendum, Ben Howlett has always supported May’s line on Brexit – or just abstained (see

Don’t give Theresa May the power to impose a disastrous hard Brexit. Secure a better deal for us all.  Help to elect a non-Conservative MP.

This website is a guide to the candidate best placed to win in your constituency:

If you are not yet registered to vote, you must do so before midnight on 22 May: