Bath for Europe

Let's Stop Brexit!




Let’s march to demand a final say on Brexit and show that we won’t stand for a government that is threatening the fabric of our democracy!

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In a historic judgement the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the Prime Minister’s advice to the Queen to prorogue parliament was unlawful! This is a crushing defeat for Johnson and his undemocratic Brexit strategy! Parliament has immediately reconvened and Brexit is now back with our MPs where it belongs. We can succeed! Just a few short weeks ago in August it was said that MPs would not unite in sufficient numbers against the PM intent on a no-deal Brexit – they did! And it was said that the Supreme Court would not rule against the government’s suspension of parliament – it has!

More and more MPs now see that a People’s Vote is the only way out of this crisis. We need to keep the pressure on them. Locally and nationally many actions are taking place leading up to the big People’s Vote March in London on Saturday 19th October. Book your places here on our coaches to the March.

Bath for Europe maintains the pressure with regular demonstrations, street stalls and Commuter Calls. We took to the streets on Sunday 6th October to protest about the government’s handling of Brexit, to express concerns for the future of the NHS, and to demand a final say on any Brexit deal. Our next rally takes place on Sunday 3rd November.


  • Take part in our next monthly rally on Sunday 3rd November. Meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 pm.
  • Write a letter to our local and national newspapers expressing your outrage. The deadline for the Bath Chronicle is Monday!
  • If you live outside Bath, write to your MP to express your outrage. Bath MP Wera Hobhouse is on our side!
  • Help out at our Commuter Calls and Saturday Street Stall – visit our Facebook Group and Page for more details.
  • Book your places on our coaches to the People’s Vote March on Saturday 19th October.


Bath for Europe’s fake bank notes have been added to the British Museum collection as examples of the material culture of politics of the last five years. They were designed by the very creative Dick Daniel, one of our founding members. Read more in The Guardian and Financial Times. Images of the notes can be downloaded from our Resources page.


Help out at our street stalls, drop leaflets through doors and contribute your time and skills in other ways. Meet some of our team and find out what motivates us to campaign tirelessly to stop Brexit. Please join us now!

Please join us at SODEM outside Parliament in Westminster. Steve Bray urgently needs our support every day that Parliament is in session. Show your intentions by wearing an iconic bEUret, the symbol of our nationwide movement. Proceeds go back into the Remain campaign.

Bath for Europe, as part of Britain for Europe, is fully behind the People’s Vote campaign. We are affiliated with the European Movement and work alongside Open Britain,  Scientists for EUNHS Against BrexitOur Future Our ChoiceFor our Future’s Sake and InFacts.

The Spirit of
Bath for Europe

This short film captures the positive spirit of Bath for Europe, one of the UK’s most active local groups campaigning for Britain to remain in the European Union. It is part of Britain for Europe. The 100% volunteer group in the vibrant heritage city of Bath has 1,000 supporters. It holds regular events and does lots of outreach to keep the cause in public awareness. One of its members created The Original Bath Beret which has become a symbol of the UK Remain movement. This film was made by Bath for Europe supporter Simon Campbell-Jones.