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Bath for Europe is campaigning to save our country from the damage of a Brexit that only half of us voted for. Bath for Europe is non-party political and gives a voice to everyone who wants to remain in Europe.

Brexit risks destroying everything that has made Britain great. No-one voted for a future as Little England, without Scotland, Northern Ireland or Gibraltar.

Many companies are already opening offices, factories and distribution centres in other EU countries. The NHS is losing EU workers, presenting us with a huge shortage of doctors and nurses, and many other industries face the same problem. As the pound collapses, inflation soars. Meanwhile our PM scurries around the world desperately seeking deals to replace the free trade we already have with Europe.

Every day it becomes clearer that we have been misled: that the best possible deal for us is to remain inside the European Union. The EU has said that Article 50 can be revoked. There is still everything to fight for.

It is far from being a done deal. Two unpredictable years lie ahead so there is still a huge need for us all to play our part to prevent this suicide and minimise any self-inflicted damage.

Please join us and make your voice heard. Together we really can take our country back from the madness that has overcome it.

Join Pulse of Europe

Come to our Pulse of Europe event in Bath on the first Sunday of each month at 2 pm. The next event is on 7th May and we need volunteers to help publicise this celebration of the EU and to make it a success. Bring your family, friends, colleagues, UK and EU flags and placards. Pulse of Europe is a pan-European movement linking hands, hearts and minds in cities across Europe.

Join Bath’s next Pulse of Europe & Tea Party on Sunday 7th May, 2 - 4 pm

Join Pulse of Europe