It’s good news that No Deal has been averted and a zero tariff/quota agreement for goods trading has been reached. But there’s little to celebrate in this deal. There’ll be a vast new bureaucracy for goods trading with the EU, services have largely been excluded, many freedoms have been lost and the UK faces increasing international isolation. Nevertheless, the deal can be built upon as it is in our interests to stay aligned and closely cooperate with our nearest neighbours. Read more about the deal in our blog, ‘Is the Post-Brexit trade deal a great deal for the UK’.

Together we have forged a strong and committed grassroots campaigning organisation, one of the most prominent in the UK. Bath for Europe is a non-party-aligned community group affiliated with the European Movement. We believe that Brexit is a profound national mistake, and campaign for the UK to retain strong ties with the European Union, with the aim of rejoining in the future. Help us call out this disastrous Government on its many failings, and stand with us to call for improved international cooperation.


For many of us, the damning findings of the Russia Report will not come as a complete shock, as we have been suspecting the very worst of successive Tory governments. But the abject dereliction of duty is an outrage. Is our democracy dead? Read Dominic Grieve’s opinion piece here.


The Government’s EU Settled Status programme is failing EU citizens residing in the UK. Watch our video and read the blog by Véronique Martin of the In Limbo Project who explains what’s at stake.


The Spirit of
Bath for Europe

This short film captures the positive spirit of Bath for Europe, one of the UK’s most active local groups campaigning for Britain to remain in the European Union. It is part of Britain for Europe. The 100% volunteer group in the vibrant heritage city of Bath has 1,000 supporters. It holds regular events and does lots of outreach to keep the cause in public awareness. One of its members created The Original Bath Beret which has become a symbol of the UK Remain movement. This film was made by Bath for Europe supporter Simon Campbell-Jones.