Bath for Europe

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The ominous threat of Brexit has hung over the UK for almost a year. There is ample evidence that our economy is suffering; ordinary people are feeling the effects in their daily lives. We have the Tory party to thank for the limbo and chaos we are living with. They called the Referendum, without any plan, and have been scrambling ever since to deliver on their grandiose and unrealistic vision of a UK supposedly in control of its destiny. The Prime Minister called a snap General Election to consolidate her power and drown out the dissenting voices who see hard Brexit as a slow-motion car crash.

Far from being strong and stable as Theresa May claims, the Conservatives are weak, divided and chaotic and, above all, threatening our country with economic ruin. The PM has refused to debate in the run-up to the General Election. She hid from our fellow citizens in Cornwall and Bristol when she was supposedly meeting with “real people”. And she appears increasingly out of touch, making threats to Europe that are reminiscent of the Second World War.

There is one thing that we must ALL do: work together to reduce the Tory majority. We need a viable opposition. We must defeat Bath MP Ben Howlett and take the wind out of the sails of long-time Europhobe Jacob Rees-Mogg in North East Somerset. This means voting tactically for the pro-EU candidate in your constituency who has the best chance of the defeating these two.

Please join us now! We must seize this moment.

Join Pulse of Europe

Our next Pulse of Europe will take place on Sunday, 4th June starting at 2 pm - just a few days before the General Election on 8th June! Get fired up and ready to cast your vote tactically to stem the Tory tide and Hard Brexit. Stay tuned for more details.