Bath for Europe

Why Brexit?



Bath for Europe has an important role to play. At our monthly gathering on 2nd February, we unveiled the results of our supporters’ survey and worked in small groups to develop our plans. We will be calling out the government on its undeliverable promises, supporting EU local citizens and continuing to educate with our key speakers series. Read more about our plans here.

Our next speaker is A C Grayling on Tuesday, 18th February. He has been one of the leading public voices urging us not to give up hope and believes that there is every possibility of turning things around to rejoin the EU. Click here for further details and to book tickets – they’re selling fast.

 Our next gathering will be on Sunday 1st March from 2pm – venue to be confirmed.


Bath for Europe’s fake bank notes have been added to the British Museum collection as examples of the material culture of politics of the last five years. They were designed by the very creative Dick Daniel, one of our founding members. Read more in The Guardian and Financial Times. Images of the notes can be downloaded from our Resources page.


We are regrouping and will be refocusing our efforts in the weeks and months ahead. For the time being, we will not be holding street stalls.

Bath for Europe is a non-party-aligned community group affiliated with Britain for Europe and the European Movement. We believe that Brexit is a profound national mistake, and campaign for the UK to retain strong ties with the European Union, with the aim of rejoining in the future.  We are one of the most active local UK campaign organisations.


The Spirit of
Bath for Europe

This short film captures the positive spirit of Bath for Europe, one of the UK’s most active local groups campaigning for Britain to remain in the European Union. It is part of Britain for Europe. The 100% volunteer group in the vibrant heritage city of Bath has 1,000 supporters. It holds regular events and does lots of outreach to keep the cause in public awareness. One of its members created The Original Bath Beret which has become a symbol of the UK Remain movement. This film was made by Bath for Europe supporter Simon Campbell-Jones.