About us

Bath for Europe is a non-party-aligned community group affiliated with the European Movement. We believe that Brexit is a profound national mistake, and campaign for the UK to retain strong ties with the European Union, with the aim of rejoining in the future.  We are one of the most active local UK campaign organisations.

We are a grassroots group of ordinary people organising ourselves to achieve extraordinary things together. We donate our spare time, talents, knowledge, experience, ideas and resources. Some of our achievements to date include:

  • In the June 2017 general election, we promoted tactical voting and helped the Pro-EU Lib Dem candidate, Wera Hobhouse, unseat the incumbent Conservative candidate. A founding member of Bath for Europe, Wera represents Bath in Parliament.
  • We maintain our visibility in the local, regional and national media. Our members took part in the Channel 4 News Brexit ‘Remain’ debate and in BBC Radio 4 Any Questions? in Bath.
  • One of our talented volunteers originated the iconic bEUret (a blue beret with twelve stars) which has become a symbol of the Remain campaign. It has been featured countless times in the media.
  • A couple of our team created the Boris bank note and the Rees-Mogg guinea which have featured in the media, for example in an Ian Jack opinion piece in The Guardian
Bath for Europe’s brilliant Boris notes and Rees-Mogg guineas are turning up all over!
The beret, the must-have headgear for those who want to Remain in the EU. Photo Lucy Scott-Ashe.

Between 2016 and 2019 we organised:

  • More than 160 commuter calls – early morning leafletting and demonstrations on commuter routes around Bath, asking commuters to ‘honk your horn if you love EU’
  • Well over 100 Saturday Street Stalls in Bath and a growing number in majority Brexit-voting areas nearby
  • We were the first group to introduce the Pulse of Europe rally to the UK. We have organised monthly rallies and marches in the centre of Bath every month since March 2017
  • Over 10 guest speaker events featuring high-profile academics, politicians and journalists
  • Numerous coaches to marches and demonstrations
  • 3 workshops
  • 2 recruitment drives (plus additional drives after speaker events)
  • 1 flag fiesta, a comedy night and a Brexit Facts Bus media event
  • We have taken part in scores of rallies, marches and demonstrations arranged by other organisations, including mass marches in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Exeter.
  • We sent a joint mission to Brussels with Bristol for Europe to meet EU officials and MEPs in March 2018
Bath for Europe supporter. 3rd June, 2018. Photo © John Lynch.

Join us

If you have time and energy to spare we want to hear from you. Whether you have new ideas or skills you can offer, or you would simply like to help on our information stall or join our letter writing group, please contact us using the contact form https://bathforeurope.com/contact/ and tell us how you would like to help.

And don’t forget to register on the Join Us page to receive our newsletters and keep in touch with the campaign.