‘The Assault on Truth’, Peter Oborne.

Peter Oborne spoke to Bath for Europe on Tuesday 11th May 2021.

The Remarkable Journey of My Prins, Aletta Stephens

Aletta Stephens spoke to Bath for Europe on Sunday 2nd May 2021.

‘Common sense – why we must rejoin Europe’, Will Hutton

Will Hutton spoke to Bath for Europe on Monday 12th April 2021

‘How to be a Liberal: the Six Lies of Nationalism’, Ian Dunt

Ian Dunt spoke to Bath for Europe on Wednesday 23rd September 2020

‘Propagating a new food system for people and the planet’. Ped Asgarian, managing director of the Community Farm in Chew Magna and the new director of the Feeding Bristol Charity

Ped Asgarian spoke to Bath for Europe on Sunday 6th September 2020

‘The New Tories and their Extremist Brexit: What Comes Next?’ Professor Michael Dougan of the University of Liverpool

Michael Dougan spoke to Bath for Europe on Wednesday 12th August 2020

Holding EU Close: Molly Scott Cato, former MEP for the Green Party in the South West

Molly Scott Cato spoke to Bath for Europe on Tuesday 7th July 2020

What will it take to keep Britain European. Mark Huband, editor of West England Bylines and Labour party candidate in North East Somerset

Mark Huband spoke to Bath for Europe’s Euro Café on Sunday 5th July 2020

EU Citizens Face Bigger Challenges in Attaining Settled Status. Véronique Martin of the In Limbo Project

Véronique Martin spoke to Bath for Europe’s Euro Café on Sunday 7th June 2020.

Brexit Without the Bullshit. Gavin Esler in Bath

Former Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler was in Bath on 27th November 2019 to talk about his book Brexit Without the Bullshit and the worrying trend of normalisation of lying in politics.

Defend Our Democracy – Stop The Coup!

Bath for Europe supporters staged lively ‘Daily Demos’ outside Bath’s Guildhall from 2nd – 5th September to protest the Prime Minister’s suspension of Parliament.

Bath for Europe sings for a People’s Vote!

Bath for Europe’s talented lyricists repurposed a Cornish sea shanty to ask the question: “What shall we do with a rotten Brexit?” Listen to this jolly song to find out! Special thanks to our filmmaker Simon Campbell-Jones for his excellent work.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Bath for Europe!

Bath for Europe has an amazing team of talented and creative supporters. We gathered in front of Bath’s Guildhall to serenade passersby with our reworded Christmas carols and a special rendition of “Ode to Joy”. Many thanks to filmmaker Simon Campbell-Jones for capturing our seasonal spirit.

We are very grateful to all our filmmakers and editors including Dick Daniel, Simon Campbell-Jones and Adam Brady.

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, 20th September 2018: “Brexit: Clarity or Smoke and Mirrors?”



Owen Smith MP, 9 June 2018: “Can we stop Brexit?”


Professor Michael Dougan, 14th March 2018: “Brexit: Where have we got to and where are we going?”

Hugo Dixon, 1st February 2018: “We can stop Brexit – Yes we can!”

Ian Dunt, 15th November 2017: “Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?” Ian Dunt in conversation with Celia Brayfield


Bath for Europe and Bristol for Europe demonstration, EU Parliament, Brussels, 21st March 2018. Speaker: Stephen Perry of Bristol for Europe.

The Brexit Facts Bus Comes to the City

Bath for Europe: Fighting Brexit Through Positive Grassroots Actions

Michael Dougan speaking at The Forum in Bath on 26th October 2016