Letter Writing


Letters and comments to newspapers

It is important that we remind people we are not going to keep quiet and we have not gone away. Writing letters is the simplest way to make your voice heard and you can do it from the comfort of our own home. Letters are very powerful especially if you use your own words to express your beliefs and emotions. Here is an example letter: miscellaneous-example-letters-1.You can email letters to the Bath Chronicle here: letters@bathchron.co.uk

The Guardian’s guide to getting your letters in print

The Guardian has an excellent guide to writing impactful letters that will have a much better chance of being chosen by their editors. Letters for publication in the Guardian should be sent to guardian.letters@theguardian.com.

Commenting online

Please keep an eye out for relevant articles about Brexit and the EU. Very often there will be lots of comments below the article from angry people who want to leave now. You can register under an anonymous username, question their arguments and change the whole tone of argument. This is hugely valuable as thousands of people read the comments on the Bath Chronicle website and it is an easy way to make our voice heard.

Letters to MPs

Find the address of your local MP here http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/ but don’t just write to your local MP. On the Parliament website it states “You should always contact your local MP first to raise an issue at Parliament. However, if your campaign is of general or national importance, you could also contact other MPs who may be interested in supporting you.” MPs listen and take notice if they receive lots of letters. Sure they have allegiance to their party line, but they also have one eye on getting re elected at the next election.

And while you are at it if you have time, write to MEPs and the House of Lords as well. Let’s jam their inboxes so full they cannot keep ignoring us.

 Letters to companies

Companies such as Waitrose, Sainsburys and others advertise in several newspapers such as the Daily Mail that peddle lies and hate. They are very sensitive to their consumers which is why Stop Funding Hate campaign has been so successful. Lego has just ceased advertising in the Daily Mail following public pressure. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/stopfundinghate/