Newsletter four

Dear Supporter,

Welcome to the latest newsletter of Bath For Europe. We now have a window of opportunity following the recent high court judgement.  It is essential we all move quickly and do what we can to take control of the agenda from the leavers and that we rewrite the narrative about ‘brexit’ and  ‘the will of the people’


This month we need you all to

  • Sign our petition to Ben Howlett
  • And if you have a little more time, come to our Silent Chain for Europe on 17th December


If you live in Bath, please urge our MP, Ben Howlett, to represent the interests of his constituents and vote next March against the invoking of Article 50.

Please sign and share our petition to Ben Howlett demanding that he votes against invoking Article 50:   Just click here

And then please share this link with your friends who also live in his constituency.

Ben argued forcefully during the referendum campaign that Britain should stay in the EU, saying ‘the advantages far outweigh the benefits of leaving.’

He campaigned against Brexit and promised he would never give up the fight. Now, he has told Bath for Europe that he will vote for Article 50 to be passed by Parliament thereby breaking his promise to the people of Bath.

We aim to hold him to his promise. We need thousands of his constituents to sign the petition which we will present to him before the vote to to trigger Article 50.

SILENT CHAIN FOR EUROPE December  17th, 12:15-12:45 Abbey Churchyard, Bath

Silent Chains are taking place this month in cities around the UK, including London, Brighton and York.

We will link arms in silence around the Christmas Tree in the Abbey Courtyard, (please arrive by 12:15 pm) to:

  • Demonstrate our strong conviction that staying in Europe is in the best interests of the UK.
  • Support the rights of UK citizens to live in the UK
  • Remember the dangers to peace that face a turbulent Europe without the European Union
  • Send a strong message to our Conservative MP, Ben Howlett

Please join us and help us to make maximum impact on the citizens of Bath and our visitors.  Remember to bring banners, Bath for Europe t-shirts, and European flags.

We hope to see you there!


Street stalls are one of the best ways to persuade leave waverers and undecided people to decide to support the campaign to remain. . If you can help on a Saturday stall, or help manage our stall, or would like to run one in you neighbourhood email: