Silent Chain for Europe

15492406_1486790754668541_6458051678700903826_nAbout 80 people of all ages gathered around the Christmas Tree in front of Bath Abbey linking arms to form a Silent Chain for Europe on 17th December. With banners, leaflets, EU flags and placards, our aim was to

  • Show support for the EU
  • Act as a reminder that in the referendum over 16 million people believed that Britain’s interests would be best served remaining in the EU
  • Remember the dangers to peace that face a turbulent Europe without the European Union
  • Urge our MP, Ben Howlett, to represent the 70% of voters in Bath who voted to Remain, and to vote against triggering Article 50.

We attracted lots of support from residents and tourists alike. There are more than  5,000 foreign residents from other EU countries in Bath, and many have expressed strong concerns about how their rights would be affected if Britain leaves the EU.

Silent Chains have taken place this month in several cities around the UK, including London, Brighton and York and Cardiff.