Use your vote! Metro Mayor Election, Thursday 4th May

Make your voice heard! The West of England Combined Authority Mayoral Election is a huge opportunity to use your vote at the local level. Powers and money are being devolved from national Government to our region of Bath & Northeast Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Many voters are using this Election and other regional mayor contests across the country to send a message to the Government that they do not accept their Brexit policies. Defeating Government candidates at the polls is the most effective pressure we can apply to force a change in direction.

Bath of Europe does not endorse specific political parties. We want Great Britain to remain in the EU. Only one of the six candidates has made resisting a Hard Brexit part of their manifesto which was delivered to all voters last week.

This election uses the supplementary voting system. You have two votes: one for your first-choice candidate and one, if you wish, for your second-choice candidate. If no candidate gets 50% plus one vote, then the top two candidates will have a run-off in a second round of counting. The second preference votes of all the other candidates are then distributed between the two remaining candidates to find a winner. It is vital that we have a pro-EU candidate in the second-round run-off.

Acquaint yourself with the candidates’ manifestos and vote accordingly. And spread the word among your circles to get out to vote!