Turn Whitehall blue on 23rd June, 17:30 – 21:00

It’s your future! Stand up for it.

Stop Brexit – We only want to be with EU!

Britain for Europe has asked us as one of its affiliated groups to publicise this high-profile event. On the first anniversary of the disastrous Brexit referendum, protesters from a number of pro-EU groups will gather opposite the gates of Downing Street to tell our Prime Minister that the best deal for the UK is still to remain a member of the EU. Help them fill Whitehall with flags and banners, songs and chants! Let’s send the world a message that we will not stand by and let all our futures be undermined by the lies and deceit of the Brexiteers and their tabloid allies!

The last year has been full of disappointment and confusion, and resolve and determination, victories and setbacks, but as we prepare to mark the first anniversary of the EU referendum we are filled with a new hope that the historic mistake of Brexit can be stopped. With the election on 8th June everything changed. It is now up to us to help set the direction of that change.

There never was a mandate for May’s form of Brexit and her approach must now be consigned to history. The people of the UK as a whole have demonstrated their rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit vision at the polls. Both ‘Hard Brexit’ and Theresa May’s ‘deal or no deal’ proposals must be binned, and we believe that Brexit should be halted altogether.

Will you be in London? If so, please attend. And spread the word. Tell everyone you know in London and the vicinity to join in, stand up and be counted on June 23rd.  Let’s change our future for the better!

Find more details about the event here

Supported by Britain for Europe, Islington in Europe, Cambridge Stays and Campaign to Remain