Bath Psychology in the Pub: Brexit and the 2017 General Election: A Focus on Human Values, 25th July, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, BRLSI

For those of us trying to understand the deep schism we are experiencing in the UK, this sounds like an interesting evening. The talk by Dr. Paul Hanel and Dr. Lukas Wolf will present survey data on differences and similarities between Remain-voters and Leave-voters in terms of their own values, their perceived values of fellow British citizens, and their societal and political engagement.

In addition, the speakers will present data on how people’s own values and their perceived values of fellow British citizens shaped voting behaviour in recent elections in the UK and how in turn people’s own and perceived values were shaped by the outcomes of the 2017 general election. They also examined the role of affective and cognitive orientations in people’s voting behaviour in these UK elections.

This event is free and open to everyone. There is no need to book so please just turn up on the night.

The event will start promptly at 7pm, refreshments and networking from 6:30pm.

Click this link for more information.