Vibrant and stirring Pulse of Europe

Sending a loud and clear message: “EU, we love you!”. Photo © Clive Dellard.

Bath for Europe hosted its monthly Pulse of Europe on Sunday, 6th August. The group convened at Abbey Churchyard, welcoming  a number of new supporters, many regulars as well as our friends from our sister organisation, Bristol for Europe. Master of Ceremonies Mark Baines led the group on an upbeat march with flags and banners flying.  Passionate pro-EU chants mingled with the cheerful tones of Swiss cowbells, making a big impact on the busy streets of Bath.

Great to see new supporters joining in! Photo © Clive Dellard.
Wera Hobhouse MP (left) and Ruth Malloy. Photo © Clive Dellard.

The procession led to Orange Grove for brief soapbox speeches by three Bath for Europe regulars. Olivia Leydenfrost spoke on the urgent need for all of us to join together and seize the moment to protest Brexit. William Hobhouse talked about the situation in Parliament and the status of each of the political parties, urging the group to keep fighting. Ruth Malloy gave a moving speech, sharing her thoughts on the generation of her parents who experienced war, and the precious peace that Europe has enjoyed since then. Big thanks to everyone who turned up and took part in this uplifting event. Be sure to come to our next Pulse of Europe on Sunday, 3rd September!

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