Party Conference Rallies Update – Focus on Manchester

Bath for Europe sends a clear message at the LibDems Autumn Conference. Photo © Clive Dellard.

A number of our members attended the Liberal Democrats’ Party Conference from 16th – 19th September wearing Bath for Europe blue berets. They made a media splash, writing a clear message in the sand outside the conference venue on Bournemouth Beach.

We have not received sufficient bookings to fill our coach to the Labour Party conference in Brighton on Sunday 24th September so unfortunately we will have to cancel it. Payments will be refunded. We encourage those keen to go to Brighton to ride share or take public transportation. Please email us at if you are planning to go and want to be put in touch with others.

Instead we are focusing our efforts on the rally at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on Sunday 1st October. This will take the place of our monthly Pulse of Europe. If you have booked a place to Brighton, please consider transferring it to Manchester instead.

Join Bath for Europe along with thousands of others from around the country to send an important message to the Tory Party leadership, MPs and delegates. The media will be covering the conference so there will be national coverage. This is a rare and incredibly valuable opportunity for us all to stand up and remind the Conservative politicians that the people are speaking and we say NO TO BREXIT! Let’s show everyone that Bath is a Remain City that will not give up!

Please note the journey durations will be between 3.5 to 4.5 hours each way by coach. There are WC facilities on board and we will stop at service stations for short comfort breaks twice in each direction.  We will have emergency water supplies on board, but please bring your own refreshments for the day. Items can be left on the coach during the day at your own discretion.

Tory Party Conference Rally, Sunday 1st October 2017, Manchester

Please book via Eventbrite:

Come along for the Stop Brexit street party and rally, organised by Manchester for Europe, from 2-5pm. The coach will depart from Bath at 8am and leave Manchester at 5:30pm, arriving in Bath by 10pm (depending on traffic).