Hugo Dixon: We pro-Europeans are the Patriots – watch his talk here


Hugo Dixon, pro-Remain author and journalist, enthralled the full house at the Widcombe Social Club on Thursday evening, 1st February 2018 with his insightful and inspiring talk about Brexit and how we can stop it.

“We are fighting for the power and prosperity of Britain. I am more optimistic now that we can stop Brexit than I was last October…We have reasons to be optimistic – but not complacent,” Hugo told the audience. What Bath for Europe is doing as a grassroots campaigning organisation is really good. Bath for Europe should be proud,” Hugo, who is the Chairman of, told the audience.

The recent Guardian/ICM poll results, published on 26 January, indicate that the majority of people believe that they should have the final say on the Brexit deal. He warned, “Enough of us need to believe that we can stop Brexit. The decisive battle will happen at the end of the year when Theresa May comes back with a bad deal from the EU. We will need to persuade Parliament at that time that Brexit is a bad thing.”

Bath for Europe’s next guest speaker will be Professor Michael Dougan, an expert on EU constitutional law. Michael will be speaking at the Widcombe Social Club on Wednesday evening, 14th March. Book your tickets for this unmissable event now.