Pulse of Europe with NHS focus, Sunday 8th April, 2PM, Bath Abbey Churchyard

Pulse of Europe has become a Bath tradition. Photo © Clive Dellard.

Bath for Europe was the first group to introduce Pulse of Europe to the UK, at the end of March 2017. Because the first Sunday of April is Easter Sunday, we’re having our next Pulse on Sunday 8th April.

This will be a special NHS-themed Pulse of Europe. The threat of Brexit is damaging our precious NHS. Sacrificing our nation’s health is far too high a price for Brexit. Come out and show your support for our NHS at this rally with speeches and a march. We will post more details soon.

As our excellent guest speaker Professor Michael Dougan told our audience on 14th March, “Brexit is a long-term act of national diminishment…We have the best deal in Europe. Let’s keep it.” We must continue to raise our voices to keep the UK at the heart of Europe. See you on 8th April!

Supporters marching past Bath’s Guildhall. Photo © Clive Dellard.