Pulse of Europe, Sunday 1st July, 2 – 4 PM, meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard

Walking Georgian Bath, special Pulse of Europe. Queen Square, Bath. 3 June 2018. Photo © John Lynch.

If it’s the first Sunday of the month, it’s time for Pulse of Europe! On Sunday 1st July, our theme will be ‘Peace in Europe’. One of the European Union’s greatest achievements has been helping to create lasting peace in Europe.

Recent events in the House of Lords and Parliament show that the government is desperate and making a total mockery of our democracy. Brexit negotiations are a total shambles. Support for a People’s Vote on the deal – whatever form it might take – is growing. Many of us marched in London on Saturday 23rd June at the People’s Vote March to show that we, the people, want to put a halt to Brexit.

Making our voices heard. Photo © Clive Dellard.

On Sunday 1st July, we’ll meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard as usual at 2 pm for short speeches on the theme of Peace in Europe. We’ll then have a silent march via to Brunel Square to say hello to our very own owlet! We’ll continue to Widcombe High Street to join in the Widcombe Midsummer Celebration. Once in Widcombe, we will park our banners and regalia. We will enjoy some light-hearted mingling to inspire hope rather than full-blown activism. Admission to the party is £2.

Bath blue berets out in force! Photo © Clive Dellard.