‘Wish EU were here to stay!’ say the voices in Postcards from the 48%

Bath for Europe supporters after the prémiere of Postcards from the 48%, a full-length documentary film directed by David Nicholas Wilkinson (pictured fourth from right). Photo © Clive Dellard.

Postcards from the 48% is a compelling full-length (114 mins) documentary that gives voice to the 16 million (a.k.a. the 48%) who voted Remain in the 2016 Referendum but who now feel trampled upon in the mad romp towards a full British Brexit.

Bafta-nominated director David Nicholas Wilkinson travelled throughout the UK interviewing people about the impact Brexit would have on their lives. Journalist Rachel Johnson, sister of former Foreign Secretary Boris, said the vote to leave was giving two fingers up to the world while Sir Bob Geldof spoke passionately about the need to ensure peace was kept in Northern Ireland adding, “We cannot go back to a hard border.”  Port Talbot steel worker and union rep ‘Pasty’ Turner worried that £200m of EU funding which would be lost post-Brexit would not be reimbursed by the government and would hit Welsh families hard. The plight of non-UK/EU nationals, five thousand of whom live and work in Bath, was expressed by local resident Klaus Riekemann who said that he was unable to vote in a referendum that determined his future.

This is unashamedly a Remain film with its montages of anti-Brexit marches filling the screen with swirling blue and gold starred flags but anyone with concerns at the state we’re in would do well to listen to Wilkinson’s clear narrative and the rational arguments from all sectors of society. Read The Guardian review of this thoughtful documentary here.

The screening on Thursday, July 5that The Little Theatre Bath was followed by a Q & A with David Nicholas Wilkinson. The film is being has been shown around the UK. For upcoming screenings, visit the Postcards from the 48% website.