‘Deal or No Deal’ Pulse of Europe, Sunday 7th October, 2 – 4 pm, meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard

Bath for Europe on the march at a Pulse of Europe this summer. Photo © Matthew Perks.

On her return from the Salzburg Summit on 21st September, Theresa May seemed to be setting the scene for a No-Deal Brexit in her pugnacious speech aimed at Brexiteers who cheered her ‘standing up to the EU’. Since the Brexit nightmare began, there have been so many permutations of Brexit. There is no consensus in our shambolic government about what Brexit would actually look like.

Bath for Europe’s next Pulse of Europe will be on the theme of ‘Deal or No Deal’. There will be short speeches, a colourful march with flags, banners and berets and some of Bath for Europe’s famous street theatre. Bring your passion and commitment to #StopBrexit and to support a #PeoplesVote! A great way to get in marching mode for the huge People’s Vote March in London on Saturday 20th October – book your coach tickets here now! Return tickets only £16; under 16s go free!

Photo © Clive Dellard.