#PeoplesVote National Day of Action 12th January

Spelling out what we want in Bath. Photo © Clive Dellard.

On 12th January, almost 200 events were held by campaigners across the country demanding a #PeoplesVote as part of the National Day of Action, the last in advance of the meaningful vote in Parliament on 15th January. Bath for Europe ran street stalls in Bath and Trowbridge and supported an event in Frome. Warm thanks to our many supporters who turned out in force to make the case that Mrs. May’s deal is worse than the deal we currently have. Crashing out with No Deal is unthinkable. The only way forward is a People’s Vote.

Our supporters engaged passersby in respectful conversations. As always, public opinion was mixed. Many in Bath are eager for the UK to remain in the EU. One elderly resident voted Leave but now regrets this and would vote Remain. Some people say they have no interest in politics and that a potential Brexit would not impact them. For those of us campaigning to stop Brexit, being present is vital to sending the message that Brexit is not a done deal.