Get Ready for London Rally & March, Sunday 3rd March, 2 pm Abbey Churchyard

Bath for Europe monthly rally, February 2019. Photo © Matthew Perks.

Get fired up for the massive #PutItToThePeople march on 23rd with a special warm-up rally and march through Bath on Sunday 3rd March. We need your help to spread the word that it’s not too late. We need to bring hundreds of people with us to London.

Bath is the Remain city that won’t give up! Now more than ever, as the fate of our country balances on a knife-edge, we must stand together against Brexit.

Meet in the usual place at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 pm for short speeches and a noisy march through Bath. Wear your berets, bring placards, bells, whistles and drums. Bring your family, friends and neighbours.

Time is really running out but together we can stem the Brexit tide! Come out in force for this important event to promote the London March on 23rd March.