Cast your votes against Brexit

Put It To The People March, London, 23rd March 2019. Photo © Olivia Leydenfrost.

Local and European Elections

Local elections in Bath and Northeast Somerset will take place on Thursday, 2 May 2019, and the European Parliament elections are currently scheduled to take place in the UK on Thursday, 23 May 2019.

As a non-party campaign organisation, our main focus over the next few weeks will be to persuade as many people as possible to register to vote, and then to actually vote on both polling days.  We will not actively campaign for any particular party or candidate, but invite our supporters to vote for those parties and candidates who are backing a People’s Vote.

Bath for Europe monthly rally, January 2019. Photo © Clive Dellard.

Register to Vote

It’s too late to register for the local elections, You can still register to vote for the European elections by midnight on Tuesday, 7 May 2019. Note that you don’t need to register separately for every election unless you have changed address, name or nationality.

You can register to vote if you are:

  • a UK or Irish citizen
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK
  • an EU citizen resident in the UK

In the UK, you must be over 18 to vote.

If you are a student, you may be able to register to vote at both your home and term-time addresses.

If you are a UK citizen living abroad, you may be able to apply as an overseas voter.

Alice Hovanessian