Celebrate Peace in Europe – Monthly Rally, Sunday 3rd November, 2 pm, Bath Abbey Churchyard

Join our next monthly rally on Sunday 3rd November and celebrate peace in Europe. The European Union is a powerful symbol of peace and security. We will meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 pm and proceed immediately for a silent march through the city so as not to disturb Remembrance services at the Abbey. We will hear short speeches from two of our supporters who experienced the Second World War first-hand as children along the way.

No matter what happens in Parliament before 3rd November – or beyond – Bath for Europe will continue our campaign to Stop Brexit. Stand tall with us to defend peace, security, prosperity and freedom of movement. Those who fought in the Second World War are passionate pro-Europeans. They experienced the horror and hardship of war. Let us honour their memory with our fight to remain. We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd. Please join us for a cup of tea or a drink afterwards.