Brexit Reality – January 2021

Britain has now left the Single Market and Customs Union. Piles of Brexit bureaucracy are having a devastating effect on a wide range of businesses and customers. Fishing businesses face ruin, delays and costs are being imposed on deliveries to and from the EU, manufacturers face falling orders, Ireland is bypassing the UK, and GB-NI trade is faltering. Here are some examples of the many stories.

Fishing businesses facing ruin because of Brexit.

Shoppers asked to pay large taxes and charges for deliveries from the EU.

UK retailers may abandon goods EU customers want to return.

EU customers cancel orders from UK manufacturers because of Brexit bureaucracy.

Rotting fish, lost business and piles of red tape.

Brexit bureaucracy leads to an increase in the cost of wine.

Irish traders bypass the UK. Dublin sets up new direct ferry trading links with France

The new internal UK border, the Irish Sea border, is causing new problems for businesses.