Brexit Reality – March 2021

The reality of post-Brexit trading arrangements has begun to hit Bath and surrounding area. Many small businesses have been hit with challenging import and export rules. Walcot Street traders including Aqua Glass, Walcot Yarns and Meticulous Ink have faced logistical nightmares while a Deli owner is among many who have experienced delivery hold ups. Slightly further afield the iconic brand Somerset Cider has been hit by new export rules.

Bath businesses face challenging post Brexit trade arrangements

“Bath traders face ‘big worry’ over Brexit as goods take weeks to arrive. Extra forms and checks at the ports have held up deliveries and cost traders in the city money” See

Deli owner Christian Cocca, who runs Avellino’s Italian deli on Cleveland Place, “sources 95 per cent of his stock directly from Italy, using five different suppliers, but said they had all had experienced delays and shortages since the end of the transition period”.

Bath Chronicle 11th February 2021

“Annette Dolan of Bath Aqua Glass said importing had become a ‘logistical horror’ and added ‘it will end up with the consumers paying more and small businesses like ourselves disappearing. If we go, so will jobs’.”

Bath Chronicle, 18th February, 2021

Somerset cider hit by Brexit

West Country Bylines report on the effects of the Brexit deal on cider trading.

A businesswoman from Burrow Hill Cider and the Somerset Cider Brandy company said: “Brexit is a disaster for sales. We can no longer send small parcels to the EU directly, as it is too complicated and the carriers don’t want to take the risk. Imports and exports are suddenly much more expensive. Our glass and barrels which come from Europe are expensive, as also are our paper, our boxes and other items. It has completely decimated our trade with Europe.”