It’s our future. We need to vote for it

Pulse of Europe event, Bath.

A Bath Spa University student explains why young people must register and turn out to vote for the future they want.

While initial reports following the Referendum to leave the EU suggested that over two-thirds of young people (18-24) did not vote despite being registered, this has been refuted. The most recent figures say that the turnout was almost exactly the opposite, and that around two-thirds actually did turn out to vote. Of under 25s, 71% voted to remain a part of the European Union. However, this still leaves many young people who did not have a say in their future.

With the General Election looming, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have registered to vote and have the intention of voting. The future of those 71% who wanted to remain was decided by the 52% of those who voted who wanted to leave. The vast majority of these young people wanted to stay. This clearly wasn’t enough.

On the day that the General Election was announced, nearly 58,000 people aged under 25 registered to vote. This was more than any other age group, and suggests that the youth who were left without the result they wanted are coming out in force to ensure that the same doesn’t happen again.

We are voting for our future. While we may not be able to prevent Brexit, we must ensure that it works in our favour and minimise its damaging impact on our future. We are not just voting for our own future, but the future of those who are too young to vote. It is suggested that if 16-17 year olds were allowed to vote, that would add nearly 1.6 million to the electorate, most of whom would follow the rest of the 71% who wanted to remain. So, we must vote on their behalf and bring about the best for the young people of Britain.

While these times remain uncertain, the best way to ensure that you do your bit, and stand up for your future, is to vote.

The deadline to register is midnight on Monday, 22nd May. Don’t leave it too late! Be sure to have your say in your future. Don’t let others determine it for you.

– Jordan McGann