The outcome of Brexit is far from certain. This must give Remainers hope

This blog was written before the Prime Minister decided to suspend Parliament. Tossed like a grenade into the heart of Brexit and our political system, it appears to have put the PM on the front foot. However, the central message of my blog here remains the same and is just as important. There are still … More The outcome of Brexit is far from certain. This must give Remainers hope

Down With Dictators

The Brexiteers have many slogans. We Remainers need to dream up counter-slogans. May I recommend a must-see seriously contemporary movie: Triumph Des Willens, (Triumph Of The Will), Leni Riefenstahl’s 1935 masterpiece, one of the notable cinematic achievements of the 1930’s. July 1, 2019. On the Today Programme John Humphrys managed to get Matt Hancock, a … More Down With Dictators

Our national identity threatened? Really?

I’ve been thinking about two of the main claims of Leave voters, namely that continued membership of the EU “threatens our national identity” (yes, “our” because I, originally from Italy, also have British nationality), and that we’ll be better off when we no longer have to “take orders from Brussels”. I’m thinking about the six … More Our national identity threatened? Really?

The wrong problem?

It was interesting to see on Peston on Sunday on 19th November the graph above which showed a clear correlation between voting Leave and economically deprived areas. The discussion then went on to suggest that people in these areas were voting Leave to improve their life. The status quo was not helping them so this was … More The wrong problem?