Pulse of Europe kicks off an Autumn of Discontent

Another lively Pulse, meeting on the green. Photo © Mick Yates.

Bath for Europe kicked off its Autumn of Discontent on Sunday 2rd September with its monthly Pulse of Europe rally, the first is a series of local, regional and national demonstrations to protest against the Brexit process.

Dozens of supporters gathered outside Bath Abbey for a series of rousing short speeches before processing through the city centre and ending up at Orange Grove. Despite the dull drizzle, the atmosphere for the event was upbeat and vibrant with flags, banners, the jingling of Swiss cowbells and good-natured pro-EU chants.

As well as passionate locals including Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse, the event was attended by representatives from the Bristol for Europe group and even one protester who had travelled specially from West Dorset.

Standing together. Photo © Mick yates.

Compelling speeches were made by Bath resident, Klaus Riekemann, and Bristol University lecturer, Professor Alan Champneys.

Klaus Riekemann talked convincingly about the effects of misleading information from the Leave campaign and how the majority of leaders from business and farming communities wanted to remain in the European Union.

Professor Champneys gave an impassioned speech looking at the reasons why some voters fell for the myth of Brexit, and how they may cling to their beliefs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He stressed the importance of continuing to keep up the fight to remain in Europe.

Next month, Pulse of Europe will be moving to Manchester where Bath for Europe members will be attending a rally to protest at the Tory conference on 1st October.  To find out more about the upcoming series of national and regional rallies and how to book a place on one of our coaches click here.