Pulse of Europe, Sunday, 4th February, 2 – 3:30 pm, Bath Abbey Churchyard

Sam Hickmott (with megaphone) of Bristol for Europe will be one of the speakers at our 4th February Youth-Led Pulse of Europe. Photo Mick Yates at mickyatesphotogrpahy.com
Madeleina Kay, Remain activist. Photo right edition.com

STOP PRESS: “EU Supergirl” Madeleina Kay will headline our special Youth-led Pulse of Europe this Sunday 4th February. Meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2:00 PM. Our line-up of young speakers and performers has been finalised. It will include:

  • Madaleina Kay – Sheffield-based artist and singer also known as “EU Supergirl”
  • Naomi Holdaway – Student at the University of Bath and founder of Young European Voices
  • Thomas Haynes – Youth Officer of Stroud Labour Party
  • Sam Hickmott – Committee member for Youth at Bristol for Europe

and feature theatre, music, speeches and a march around the streets of Bath.

Thomas Haynes – Youth Officer of Stroud Labour Party will be one of the featured speakers at our Pulse of Europe on 4th February. Photo Mick Yates at mickyatesphotography. com

Please spread the word and encourage all students, teens and twenties in our networks to attend so that can let us oldies know what they think of “our” Brexit!

All ages are welcome, of course, as usual, but we especially want to boost our numbers by allowing the younger generation to vent their spleens at the chaos that is Brexit.

Please spread the message to children, friends, students, pupils, etc… If we are to keep changing public opinion and seize the opportunity in a second referendum or whatever, we need to activate the youth!

Bath for Europe is hosting this event in conjunction with the Young European Movement and Young European Voices.

SPECIAL GUEST: MADELEINA KAY, aka #EU Supergirl @Alba Whitewolf. Madeleina is an artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield. She is committed to using the arts to address important social and political issues and challenge destructive ingrained cultural attitudes. Madeleina is a committed Remain campaigner and has performed at pro-European events and anti-Brexit demonstrations across the country in Newcastle, Sheffield, Brighton, Bournemouth, Manchester and London, and also in Brussels.

Pulse of Europe is a growing series of peaceful rallies across Europe for the values of democracy, tolerance and human rights against the tide of ultra nationalism and radicalisation.
The Young European Movement is the youth wing of the international European Movement, set up by Winston Churchill in 1947 to ensure peace and co-operation in Europe. Young European Voices was set up by a University of Bath politics student.

Please bring a flag or banner, bells, drums and whistles and wear your Original Bath Beret or Bath for Europe.