Energetic youth-led Pulse of Europe attracts big turnout

An exuberant crowd with Madeleina Kay and Thomas Haynes at the front marches through Bath as part of our youth-led Pulse of Europe. Photo © Steve Bell.

Despite the chilly temperatures, Sunday 4th February’s special Youth-led Pulse of Europe had a warm and upbeat atmosphere. It attracted a wide range of supporters, familiar faces as well as many new ones, including a group from Bristol for Europe and supporters from Worcestershire for Europe. Big thanks to the event organisers, speakers and performers, all our loyal supporters and our two photographers, Matthew Perks and Steve Bell, for making this such a memorable occasion. Once again we demonstrated that Bath is the Remain city that won’t give up!

Sam Hickmott, Committee member for Youth at Bristol for Europe, spoke of the need to respect those on both sides of the deep political divide in the UK.

Bristol for Europe’s Sam Hickmott speaking at Pulse of Europe, 4th February. Photo © Steve Bell.

Thomas Haynes, Youth Officer of Stroud Labour, reminded the audience of all the opportunities that the EU has offered his generation, including freedom of movement and the ability to study and work abroad, which they stand to lose in the event of Brexit.

Thomas Haynes, Youth Officer of Stroud Labour. Photo © Matthew Perks.

Madeleina Kay, aka “EU Supergirl”, rallied the crowd with her passion for the EU and performed two of her songs. 

The Bath for Europe Players and Naomi Holdaway, student at the University of Bath and founder of Young European Voices, performed a comic street theatre piece featuring Boris Johnson who was handing out piles of free money.

A spoof theatre piece on the long-running EU Brexit negotiations. Photo © Steve Bell.
The popular Boris notes – “free money” – handed out by Bath’s own BoJo and designed by one of Bath for Europe’s talented supporters. Photo © Matthew Perks.


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