Brexit Facts Bus in Bath, Thursday, 22 February, arrive at 8:30 for 8:45 – 9:00 am, Terrace Walk (‘Bog Island’)

The Brexit Facts Bus is coming to Bath!

Roll up, roll up for the Brexit Facts Bus! The Brexit Facts Bus is touring the UK from 21-28 February. Over 20 non-partisan grassroots groups across the UK, and over 600 individuals across Britain have pitched in to crowdfund the bus, concerned about the damage Brexit is doing to our country. Setting out from Westminster on 21 February, the bus is coming to Bath and Bristol on the morning of 22 February, to catch commuters on their way to work. Come out with us and be there to welcome the bus! There will be short soapbox speeches by local residents.

The tone will be respectful: we want Leave voters to ask themselves whether Brexit is worth the cost, and to understand that when new facts come to light, we’re free to change our minds. We’ve been asked not to bring EU flags, banners or wear berets, to avoid putting off our target audience.

“This is a light-hearted attempt to draw attention to a serious issue. The Brexit bill is £40 billion and counting. Meanwhile there has been a 96% drop in EU nurses joining the NHS. Is it worth it?,” said one of the campaign organisers.

Unlike the Vote Leave bus which, during the referendum campaign, falsely claimed that we send the EU £350 million a week, the ‘Brexit: is it worth it?’ bus will stick to the facts: that Brexit is going badly, a high cost and high risk headache. A fair and balanced summary of the various likely alternatives will be set out at

The bus will visit 26 cities and towns across the country. The 8-day itinerary includes Sunderland, Liverpool, Basingstoke and Dover as well as Edinburgh, Cardiff and London, where it will serve as the backdrop for speaker events featuring local businesspeople, trade unionists and MPs from all parties.