New initiative launched: Leave2Remain

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new initiative: Leave2Remain. It is intended for people who for whatever reasons voted Leave, but now want to Remain. For many people, it was an almost impossible task to distil their feelings about being in the EU into a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We believe it is vital that their voices are heard. We want to encourage people to share their stories in the hope that it will help us engage in genuine conversations and bridge the deep divides in this country.

A safe place 

Maybe you’ve changed your mind and want to Remain. Or maybe you’re still uncertain and your views are simply being squeezed out of the polarised debate. Either way it is a tough and seemingly unforgiving world out there for those who doubt Brexit.

If you buy a product, you are free to change your mind and take it back. If you sign a contract, there is usually a ‘cooling off’ period where you can reverse your decision. Changing your mind is normal, natural and usually sensible. And allowing people to change their mind is fair. Our electoral system allows us to change our mind at every election – whether local, national or European. Why are we not being given the same opportunity with Brexit?

Some Leave voters who would now vote Remain have bravely stepped forward to tell us their stories. The reasons they voted leave are wide-ranging and subtle. Some of these include:

  • Feeling duty bound to vote even though they felt uninformed
  • Being influenced by very vocal and enthusiastic Leavers whereas Remainers were less prominent
  • Seeing the referendum as the only opportunity to express (complex) misgivings about the EU which would not be heard if they voted to Remain

And their reasons to want to Remain?

  • Seeing the real situation unfolding now as very risky
  • Feeling uncomfortable with the treatment of EU nationals
  • Seeing that the referendum has not led to the reform they were really seeking

These Leavers are justifiably feeling very let down now because their ‘will’ is being used to pursue or justify something they did not vote for, but they do not have a voice.

Bath for Europe want to create a safe place for people to have this voice, to express their doubts or explain their change of heart without fear of recrimination. If this sounds like you, why not contact us and tell us your unique story in confidence. What made you vote Leave and what is making you want to Remain now? You are not alone and your story could inspire others to come forward. We have set up a dedicated website – – where people can submit their personal stories, anonymously if they prefer, and read the stories of others in a similar situation.

Email us at, follow us on Twitter @Leave2RemainEU and like us on Facebook –

Please encourage anyone you know who might find this helpful to check us out! And if anyone wants to join Bath for Europe, they will receive a very warm welcome.