Monthly rally, Sunday 6th January, meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard, 2 pm

Start the New Year right with our monthly Pulse of Europe rally where we will spell things out: we demand a #PeoplesVote! We will follow SODEM’s brilliant example and spell out PEOPLE’S VOTE as they did recently outside Parliament. We need to increase the pressure on our politicians and push for the only democratic way out of the Brexit impasse. We, the people, must have our say.

We need at least 12 people to volunteer to hold up one of the letters in our important message!

We will meet as usual at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 pm. We will then march around Bath and take photos with People’s Vote signs in front of our city’s major landmarks, and share these images on social media. Wear your bEUrets, bring whistles, bells and drums.

We will wind up at the Widcombe Social Club (Widcombe Hill, Bath BA2 6AA) where the Bath Jazz Weekend will be in full swing! We’ll listen to some great jazz artists and have a drink. Admission via donation. A fabulous way to conclude our first rally of the year!

See you there!