‘No To Boris, Yes To Europe!’ says Bath for Europe

Bath for Europe on #MarchForChange, 20th July. Photo © Clive Dellard.

On Saturday 20th July, many Bath for Europe supporters travelled to London to take part in a march to say ‘No to Boris, Yes to Europe!’ With our country just a few days away from knowing which of the two No-Deal Tory candidates will be taking up residence at Number 10, it was the perfect time to join many thousands of like-minded people to say we will not stand for Brexit. Remain campaigners from across the land converged in the capital to protest peacefully in an upbeat gathering. The river of marchers carried flags, banners and placards.

Boris Johnson, likely our next Prime Minister, has made a career out of spewing falsehoods. His infamous promise of £350 million a week for the NHS was just a load of hot air. He looks set to float into the most powerful position in the land, based on nothing more than his over-inflated ego.

Bath for Europe marchers came together at the Achilles Statue in Hyde Park, where they were joined by Wera Hobhouse, Bath’s MP, who is vocal in her criticism of Brexit and the dangers of No Deal to our country, and Mr Stop Brexit himself, Steve Bray. From there, the group merged into the crowd heading towards Parliament Square to listen to speeches by a range of activists and campaigners, including Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Mike Galsworthy, Femi Oluwole, and whistleblower Shahmir Sanni. Billy Bragg performed on stage. A Boris Johnson blimp flew overhead.

Big thanks to everyone who turned out, helped out as organisers and coach monitors, and for those who are supporting our efforts but couldn’t make it on the march.

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