Expert legal advice for European citizens

Bath for Europe are incredibly grateful to Christopher Desira, Solicitor and Founding Director of Seraphus Solicitors, a firm specialising in EU, free movement, human rights, asylum and immigration law, for his tremendous pro bono contribution as keynote speaker at our virtual European Citizens’ Fair.

Christopher offers the latest expert advice on European citizens’ rights and applying for Settled Status. He answers the following questions submitted by our supporters:

  • What impact is the coronavirus crisis having on the process of applying for Settled Status?
  • Are Document Verification Centres closed to the public? How can we continue to apply while they are shut?
  • Would a Brexit extension mean an extension in the deadline to apply for Settled Status?
  • What paperwork is required to apply for Settled Status? What is considered acceptable proof?
  • How can I demonstrate that I have Settled Status if I have no physical proof?
  • If you have been living in the UK for less than 5 years, is it better to apply for Pre-Settled Status, or wait until you are eligible for Settled Status?
  • Is there a limit to the number of days that you can have been away from the UK during the relevant period before you apply for Settled Status or Pre-Settled Status?
  • Will I be able to vote in the UK once I have Pre-Settled or Settled Status?
  • Can I retain Settled Status if I leave the country for 5 years?
  • Will I have Rights of Appeal once I have Settled Status? Are there issues around Data Protection?
  • I’ve been living in the UK since October 2014 and working since January 2015. I was waiting until this May to apply for Settled Status, as at that time I will have been a taxpayer known to HMRC for more than 5 years. If possible, I would rather apply for citizenship. I understand that I can do so 1 year after obtaining Settled Status. Is this correct? What is your advice?

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