West England Bylines: citizen journalism at its best

Happy New Year! Just out is the latest issue #27 of West England Bylines. If you have not yet discovered the Bylines brand of journalism, you’re in for a treat. The original Byline Times is available online and in print and, according to its mission statement, is ‘run by a small, dedicated team of journalists providing a platform for freelance reporters and writers to produce fearless journalism not found in the mainstream media.’

West England Bylines is part of the network of regional Bylines publications and offers stimulating, thoughtful and original writing on a range of subjects such as politics, the climate emergency, the pandemic and so much more. There are also cartoons and book reviews, such as Ian Bartle’s review of Brexit Unfolded by Chris Grey (by the way, Professor Grey will be discussing his book at a free Bath for Europe Zoom event on Tuesday, January 11th).

So, there’s plenty to think about in the first few weeks of 2022. Perhaps, you’ll be inspired to make your voice heard? West England Bylines is always looking for new writers to add to the team and all information can be found in on the website or in any issue.

Jane Riekemann