The £1.6 billion bribe.  Distribution is everything.

Theresa May announced this week that £1.6 billion will be spent post-Brexit to help ‘boost economic growth’ in poorer towns.  Within hours it was being called a ‘bribe’ as the recipient towns all predominantly voted Leave. These are precisely the MPs that she needs to keep on-side as we approach another round of crucial voting … More The £1.6 billion bribe.  Distribution is everything.

My Journey through Brexit

As we grow ever closer to the Brexit endgame, I feel compelled to put my thoughts into writing. I want to share my personal journey through Brexit.  It’s been tumultuous but I’m driven to fight on against this terrible loss, one of the greatest I may ever experience. First, some back story. I was born in Belgium … More My Journey through Brexit

Of Love and the EU

This is the text of the speech delivered by Véronique Martin at the Bath for Europe monthly rally on Sunday 3rd February 2019. Hello everybody! I am Véronique Martin, I am French, a Bathonian and a European. I am also the co-editor of the book In Limbo: Brexit testimonies from EU citizens in the UK and … More Of Love and the EU

Three Lies in a Row

Three lies in a row. As we sleepwalk to the cliff-edge, Theresa May repeats her manufactured mantra: “We are taking control of our borders, our money and our laws.” All three claims are not true. Existing border regulations allow member nations to track and expel EU people who don’t pay their way after three months. … More Three Lies in a Row

Twittersphere twaddle

I spend far too long on Twitter and Facebook these days. Seeking out people who support Brexit in the hope of sowing a seed that may make them look differently at what it means. When you get deep into Brexit groups, however, you become aware there’s quite a machine pumping out false information which is … More Twittersphere twaddle

Was the 2016 referendum really ‘the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history’?

Update: January 25th 2019. Since this piece was published some people have pointed out on Twitter that the 2016 referendum didn’t even have the highest number of voters, let alone the highest turnout. This is true. In the 1992 general election 33,614,074 people voted; in the 2016 referendum it was 33,577,342. Thus 36,732 more people … More Was the 2016 referendum really ‘the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history’?