Back to School Pulse of Europe, Sunday 2nd September, 2 pm Abbey Churchyard

An exuberant crowd marches through Bath as part of our youth-led Pulse of Europe. Photo © Steve Bell.

Our tremendous Bath for Europe supporters have kept our campaign going over the summer. Our next Pulse of Europe will have a Back to School theme. Young people will be among those hardest hit by Brexit, with their opportunities to easily study and work abroad taken from them. Many, of course, were denied a vote on their future because they were under 18.

Meet at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 pm for short soap box speeches by local young people and educators, lively street theatre, a colourful rally and march through Bath. As always, Pulse of Europe is an important way for us to keep our presence top of mind in Bath, and to inspire others to join our group. We have a very busy autumn ahead. Wear your Bath for Europe t-shirts and berets or sport your People’s Vote t-shirt. Bring placards and flags and noisemakers. Encourage your families, friends, neighbours and colleagues to come out, too!

EU citizens want to remain in the UK with their rights intact. Photo © Mick Yates.